Friday, March 10, 2006

My kinda spring

The heavens open up and all hell is unleashed on this hole of a city. Lovers take to parks like frogs in a fuckfest. There is some pleasure derived from the thought that they too will croak.

And how.

Quacks get their 15 minutes. The sudden change in weather will cause widespread sickness, they say. Well, Moses be damned. Bring on the plague. It can't get worse than my throat-ache, I reckon.

Besides, I have my elixir right here. It cures all kinds of pains. Even the ones that look you in the eye when you face the mirror.

One part whiskey, one part warm water.

As I nurse my holy grail, the gutters overflow. The sky turns a murky shade of grey. (What other shades of grey are there anyway?) The breeze stings and the stench of death and flies lurks in the air.

Ah, spring is here.


Field Commander M said...

There are actually hundreds of shades of grey. It all depends on how much black you mix into the white.

Yohan said...

[So I'm either deadly sin number 2, or deadly sinner number 2]

Bombay rain...I love the deathly take on spring. You listen to Radiohead, perchance?

Yet another anonymous blogger. Why does everyone do this? It's not like there are family secrets being published, or pics of the Boss's warts...

Perhaps I should rename myself(?) Anonymous John. Or Johnonymous.

MinCat said...

especially hundreds of shades of rain grey. the dead spring thing...hmmm... and yohan yes! why why why says miss ill kill you if you say my name on blogspace.

mr.mobius said...

k: the only problem being that there really is no black or white (laying aside references to michael jackson). black is absence of all light. white is presence of all light. mixing absence and presence... where was i?

y: radiohead, yes, of course!

min: i wont kill you if you say my name. really. go right ahead.

Frozenswirl said...

Without trying to sound too ingratiating, this blog was one of the best reads I’ve had in ages.

Looking forward to more

the silkworm said...

mixing absence and presence you get a typical college attendance register.

yohan: the worm can tell you why people stay anonymous - to still be able to socialize (because they have to) with people they bitch about on blogspace (the bitches). and unless Kria has spent herself and her phone balance already, she has the ability to tell you mr. mobius's real name in about a week's time.

mr. mobius: perhaps the worm should have addressed you first. nevertheless, a wonderful beginning. the worm enjoys a good cynical blog about city life. he tries to write one himself, but has been faltering of late.

MinCat said...

but i dont know you name!!! i was referring to my largely successful until bloody kria started reading my blog attemtps to keep my anonymity.