Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the woods are lovely...

Most of us breathe to stay alive.

The dead calm following the premature rain should have warned me. Complacence is no excuse for getting shot at. Not that I'd mind a few more scars. I just wish I didn't have to fire back.

You don't step on her turf if you don't want to get bitten. She lurks in the difference between a fruitcake and clinical insanity. What the world failed to do with her brain, the pills will finish. Eventually. But till then, you don't step on her turf if you don't want to get bitten.

I didn't. I'm a non-violent kinda guy.

Which is why, when I walked into her firing squad, I was more sitting duck than myself. But I was a sitting duck with a gun. Feathers flew. Some were mine. But by the time we were done dancing, I was the only one with two feet left.

I looked at the mayhem. It was like a butchered nursery rhyme.

Gone to the birds, I said. Mother Goose was just plain old cuckoo. To the birds.

I couldn't kill her. I was once part of her squad. The crazy old bird had kept me warm when I couldn't spread my wings. Things were different back then - even in the hell I was born to suffer. But time had broken many things - her mind and my conscience.

I left her wounded. I knew she would come back for me. And this time she would bring him along for the ride. A world of pain awaited me. Something told me I should be watching my back. But who has the time?

Most of us breathe to stay alive.

Some of us stay alive to breathe.


Frozenswirl said...

Reading that was like having thin ice slice your brain up.

P.S - is that you addy?

(apologies for making random assumptions)

Field Commander M said...

Addy Really?

(also apologises, for latching onto random assumptions)

Frozenswirl said...

heh..I obviously don't know what I'm talking about

mr.mobius said...

anonimity is not well received, i see.


Frozenswirl said...

No intentions of uncovering your identity. playing Sherlock Holmes never thrilled me.

Ambiguity and secrecy is more charming, I think.


Field Commander M said...

No I hate anonymity, but Im still recovering from my last bout Poirot-ing, so I shall leave your identity alone.

However, just to be clear, youre not Addy?

Frozenswirl said...

Now I'm almost guilty of asking that in the first place.

mr.mobius said...

k... imagine this:

night falls over bombay city. rain washes the streetlights away from your window in the 7th floor apartment. lightning illuminates the untouched glass of whiskey for just a second. and then it is gone. the darkness has a voice. it sounds like gravel under your feet. "i am mobius," it says.

Field Commander M said...

Hehehe so I can discover who you really are with a lamp and some strepsils?

mr.mobius said...

*desperately trying to make the connection*

Field Commander M said...

"the darkness has a voice. it sounds like gravel under your feet."

A lamp and a strepsil?

mr.mobius said...


*smacks head*

Field Commander M said...

Yours or mine?

It was a terrible joke.

*also smacks head*